Hello! My name is Chloe. I'm a professional graphic designer but within the past few years, I discovered that I really love ceramics.

In May of 2017, my husband and I went to Barcelona and I fell in love with the city's beautiful architecture and a new prayer began in my heart. I wanted to create beautiful things that would bring back intentional beauty to homes/places and I wanted to do it with clay.

Fast forward some prayers and a few months after that trip – I received a ceramic kiln FOR FREE. I truly believe it was an answer from the Lord to my praying heart. So in January of 2018, with courage and hope, I decided to quit my full-time graphic design job in order to pursue this ceramic dream and I'm trusting in the Lord to provide the rest.

Birdtown comes from my maiden name, Birdwell, and my married name, Townsend. English last names for the win, am I right? It seemed to be the right name for my little shop; plus it's so cute and quirky!

Since everything you see here has been handmade by me, none of it is going to be "perfect." In fact, I don't want my creations to be or look perfect. I want you to see dents where my hands have touched the clay and see all of the beautiful little imperfections that make each piece unique and wonderful. I think there's something very relatable about imperfections – it's a great metaphor for the brokenness in humanity and I believe that it connects us all in such a wonderfully vulnerable way. 

I hope to bring many intentional things to you through this little shop. My prayer is that this sweet dream keeps growing and always gives all the glory to Jesus, the one true King and Master Potter of us all.